Steven Snyder was a most unusual kid and grew up to be a most unusual man who has literally changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. For starters:

By the time he was three, Steve was reading a book a day. In first grade, his teacher asked the class if anyone already knew how to read. He was the only one who raised his hand. "How many books have you read, Steven?" she quizzed. "About 1,400," Steven answered quite innocently. Did she believe him? Only after he named about a dozen titles of which he knew the plots. Did the woman faint? Her knees probably went a bit weak. What would she do with him while she taught her class to read? Guess what. She literally put him in the corner. He was punished for knowing how to read.

This happened in the Los Angeles area where he was born and lived with his mother and father and his grandmother and uncle. "Four parents instead of two," he smiles. When he was almost three, they moved to the San Fernando Valley and his only sibling, a brother, was born.

When Steve was eight, he learned about self-hypnosis and was introduced to the concept of altered states of consciousness. He was instantly fascinated, and it quickly became his hobby. He began to read everything that he could find on any inter-related topic.

When Steve was 12, his Father left. He left suddenly; never saying good-bye, and Steve never heard from him again . . . another amazing impact of the darkest kind. "Dealing with my fears of abandonment I spent many years both in and out of therapy searching my soul for the lessons that this experience offered," he admits. "And, as painful as it has been, it has at least been as valuable as an agent for growth and change."

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There is a New You that you can Breakthrough to.

For each and every individual—hidden behind their doubt, fear, worry, and confusion; enfolded within their role playing and people-pleasing persona—there is an Authentic Higher Self. This wonderful, wise and powerful New You is the sum total of your unique gifts, talents, abilities, and multiple intelligences as understood from a "higher perspective." This is your true and unique identity—the doorway to personal and professional mastery, to purpose and passion in your life, right here, right now.

The Alpha State, the state of Focused Passion is the way to get there.

There is a special state of mind and heart called the Alpha Brainwave State. It is also called the zone, or the flow. It is the state of Focused Passion. It's a tool that allows you to break through all of your blocks and resistances, doubts and fears, and access the amazing gifts, talents, abilities of the Authentic Higher Self—the New You that you are breaking through to.

Some Benefits of the Focused Passion State:

  1. Mental and emotional rehearsal leads to states of peak performance.
  2. Focused concentration brings about enhanced memory and accelerated learning.
  3. Releasing stress helps to create optimum health and wellness.
  4. Greater access to intuition results in higher creative intelligence.
  5. Emotional Management replaces knee jerk reactions with well reasoned responses.
  6. Imagination, insight, and ingenuity, enhances problem solving and innovation.
  7. Reprogramming attitudes and habits, unlocks positive talents, gifts, and abilities.